Dyadic Discussion

DOCMARTIN1 has grown out of a desire to make a difference. I have been teaching adult business classes since 1997 and traditionally aged students since 2006. Adult students return to school for various reasons, but one that seems prevalent is the desire to be a better manager than what they had experienced. My desire is to discover what it means to lead and manage well, and then pass that on to all of my students.


5 thoughts on “Dyadic Discussion

  1. Nice Roger. Definitely relevant stuff as we look at managing God’s money more efficiently at Walnut Grove, consider staffing, budgets, etc. People matter.

  2. Ok, I found your other posts! I am excited for your blogging/writing adventure and will gladly join you for the ride. As a student of Management and Organizational Leadership I look forward to your insights (as well as sharing mine with you). So glad you’re doing this!!!

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