Changing the World

I have to admit, yesterday was a special day. I traveled with ten students from the college I teach at to compete in San Francisco at the Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) regional competitions. We are the champions of our league and now have the opportunity to attend the National competition in Minneapolis. The SIFE motto is A Head for Business, A Heart for the World. Our SIFE team has completed some great projects in South Dakota, Tanzania, and Honduras. However, the one I am most passionate about is the work our team is doing at Shepherd’s Door in Portland, OR.

Shepherd’s Door is a ministry that provides help for women who have had a rough time in life. Our students are visiting the facility on Friday’s to help prepare these women for transition from residency to the real world. The students are working with the women on how to interview for a job, how to write a resume, and other skills that will help these women have a better life.

In USA Today on March 14th there was an article named “America’s churches can help change the world: With humanity’s future at risk, religious leaders need to step up to the pulpit.” This article points out that humanity’s major problems are being neglected by world leaders. Global terrorism, climate change, overpopulation and political and social unrest transcend national boundaries. My generation has not been able to deal with the problems.

What I see in the Warner Pacific SIFE team gives me hope. These are students that truly want to make a difference. They are studying business for all the right reasons. Economically they want to be successful, but they also want to make a social difference. They also are environmentally savvy.

You know what, they just may be able to make a difference.

And that is my thought for the day.


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