You Gotta Love Those Managers

I remember a few years ago when Circuit City got rid of their top performing sales personnel. I guess they wanted to reduce expenses, but the problem was they lost sales too, and now are out of business. I have always viewed that as one of the all time managerial decision mistakes. However, I have found a new one. It just happened Sunday, and it involves Marie Callender.

Marie Callender used to have a restaurant in Hazel Dell, Washington. However, many years ago it sold out and is now the Peach Tree. The only Marie Callender still in the area would be in Gresham. Their pies are fantastic, but their business decisions leave a little to be desired.

It appears that employees at Marie Callender restaurants across Washington State have lost their jobs without warning. It also appears that all customers in these restaurants were told to leave. The Columbian tells the story of a Kathy Labay and her family that were in a Marie Callender’s in Northgate. They had 25 family members in the banquet hall celebrating a family event. Upper management called the store manager and told them that at 3pm they were to tell all customers to leave and then tell the employees they no longer had a job. Many of who were with the chain for 11 years.

There is more to the story. The company had filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Monday. Key creditors had agreed to a reduction of the huge debt load the company held, as well as the new streamlined operation. The leadership blamed the economy for their problems.

Alright, I can see blaming the economy, we are in a tough time. But, not allowing your customers to finish their meal? I wonder if they charged them for the meal? Not giving your employees any prior notification? That is heartless. The employees will receive a paycheck on Wednesday. Again, a business decision that incompetent managers made without recognizing the personal nature of the decision. Employees and customers, who are people, were impacted by this decision.

I think we need another popular movie that managers are the antagonist, because they certainly are in real life.

And that is my thought for the day!


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