Various Thoughts On The New Year

This morning was dry so I had an opportunity to play golf. A friend of mine and I finished our round, walked off the course, and it started raining. We were very fortunate.

As I walked around the course this morning I thought about topics to write about today. I thought about the differences between Fascism, a violent dictatorship controlling a nation while attempting to control the world, and Socialism. I thought maybe I could write about the Road to Serfdom.I decided that it was too heavy of a subject for the end of the year.

I also thought about my lunch with my daughter Tracy, grand daughters Alex and Belle, and grandson Charlie. The grand daughters have grown up to be beautiful young ladies. And Charlie, my gosh he was a ball of fire. He loves his cars. I thought about how important family is and maintaining ongoing relationships with kids and parents. The subject of family will come up another time.

I also thought about my upcoming trip to Honduras. My wife, grand daughter Gracie, and three students leave tomorrow night for La Cieba, Honduras. We will painting around the school there and teaching some workshops on creation of business plans. This is our second time going there, and have made some good friends. I think I’ll leave that subject for when we get back.

One thing I know though is that all of these thoughts have reinforced why I write this blog, and what I feel is important when it comes to business. This is a blog about management. It is about how one group of people, managers, treat another group of people, employees. It is about managers treating their employees with respect. This blog is about decisions. I believe there is no such thing as just a business decision. Every business decision made by managers affect employees, and employees are people.

All of us can think of managers who exploit employees. We can all think of managers we have had in the past that have made some really stupid decisions. And, those of us who are managers have made blunders that we look at and wonder what the heck we were thinking. Discussing these realities is what this blog is all about.

So here is to a new year. A year that brings hope and new experiences. And here is a pledge, that I will continue to write about the good and bad of management, hoping that I can make some kind of difference in a very complex world. And while we go down this road together, maybe we’ll have a little fun too. Happy New Year!

And that is my thought for the day!


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