More Lessons From Tiger Woods

It is amazing, people either love Tiger Woods or hate him. These days there does not seem to be anything in between. Although I don’t care for what he did to his wife and family, I do think he is good for golf. I am also someone who is willing to give someone a second chance. Yesterday I could not help but feel sorry for Tiger after he hurt his achilles and had to withdraw from the tournament.

I don’t know Tiger Woods, and I certainly don’t know if he is a nice person or not, but I do know this, I can learn something about life from him.

I am one who now believes he won’t break Jack Nicklaus’ record of major golf tournaments won. I am not sure his heart is strong enough to accomplish the task. However, it may be his body that may stop him. He is 36 years old, which in sports is like 60. So the combination of heart and body may not allow him to take that next step.

A section in the Old Testament narrative gives us a clue as to why Tiger has lost his roar. The story involves two brothers Esau and Jacob, and a conniving mother. Esau was the oldest brother and in the Israeli culture was entitled to a specific birthright. However, Jacob was sneaky, and one day when Esau came in from the field he saw that Jacob was cooking a stew. He asked Jacob for some of the stew, and Jacob said yes, but only if Esau would give Jacob his birthright. Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of stew. Jacob tricked his father into giving him the eldest’s birthright, and the rest is history.

All of us have done this at a particular time in our lives. We sell our birthright, or innocence, for a bowl of stew. We give up some important thing in our lives for some insignificant commodity. Tiger’s bowl of porridge involved several women who were not his wife, and the important element he gave up was his wife and family. Something that public has got to take a toll on one’s focus and mental peace.

As much as we’d like to say that Tiger Wood’s is superman, he is not. He is a person like any of us that has self-doubt and pain. I would imagine that he has quite a bit of that right now. One news announcer said that the best thing for Tiger would be to get saved. As a Christian I think that is a true statement. God has a way of helping us come to grip with our failures. He has a way of helping us find forgiveness and move forward. I am one who has experienced that. So as you can see there are many lessons to be learned from Tiger Woods.

And that is my thought for the day!



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