Vulture Capitalism

Last week I was having a great time in South Dakota with a bunch of Warner Pacific Students. We also drove down to Fort Robinson in Nebraska. It was just outside of Crawford, NE that I saw an interesting sign. It stated, “Don’t blame me, I voted for the American.” The implication is that President Obama was not born in the U.S. This goes back to the controversy over his birth certificate. This is symptomatic of bigger ideological issues dividing our country.

I could discuss the moral issues confronting us, or the struggle over gay marriage, but where I want to focus my efforts today is in the area of government size. Do we want to have a large federal government or a small one? This is a huge ideological discussion.

Kimberly Strassel does a good job of highlighting this reality in her article in the Wall Street Journal. Friday’s Opinion section discussed “Vulture Capitalism? Try Obama’s Version.” She points out that even though Obama does not like Romney’s form of capitalism, do we as a country need his (Obama’s)? “All those Republicans grousing about the president’s attack on private equity might instead be seizing on this beautiful point of contrast. Obama has found enough time in his day, not only to run the federal government, but also act as “CEO-in-Chief of half the nation’s industry.”

Which vulture capitalism is worse? One that is based on a profit-driven economy, or one that is based on big government? I would want to put my money on a profit-driven economy fueled by a sense of service, not an economy based on cronyism. Strassel is arguing that Obama exercised cronyism by giving tens of millions of dollars to Solyndra, and in order to ensure his reelection gave millions to the automobile industry. I am not too sure I would agree with that point.

The fact is a free enterprise market is preferable to one that could be considered Socialistic. Big government, including a CEO-in-Chief is not the best way for us to run our country. Lets get government out of business, but lets do business in a manner that keeps government from feeling like they need to get involved.

And that is my thought for the day!


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