What We Do And Who We Are!

Today was one of those days on the golf course. It ended up being humorous. Behind trees, in the rough, and just plain lousy golf. I got very frustrated, and felt sorry for my partner. We were in the second day of a best ball tournament. His ball was the best best ball all day. I contributed maybe on three holes. Where I started to go downhill was when I missed a short par putt. I lost my composure, and my ability to play. Not that there is much ability to begin with.

David Feherty was discussing the mental part of the game on TV today. He made the statement that when you are making a shot you need to commit and don’t worry about the result. Trust your swing and don’t think about where it will go, how far, or whether it is good or not. Just commit and make the shot. Good advice, one that is harder to do than it sounds.

I was walking out of the clubhouse after my round today and ran into the Golf coach from WPC. James told me it is just a game, it has nothing to do with you as a person. I am very happy about that, I think I am a good guy, but if I am considered evil by getting upset, and even using a couple of quiet swear words (maybe not so quiet at times), and definitely a lot of jimmeny crimenies, then I am a horrible human being. Thank you Lord for helping me to see that my human value is not based in the golf game.

However, this does raise a question in my mind about actions and being. When do my actions reflect who I am? Or really effect what I am becoming? Are there times when I can’t separate who I am from what I do? The fact is, there are many instances that we cannot disassociate who we are from what we do.

Kenneth Lay and Jeffry Skilling ran a company into the ground stealing millions of dollars from investors and employees. Telling employees to buy stock while they sell off their holdings is just plain wrong. Many employees of Enron lost all of their retirement. Some will never be able to sit on the front porch all day long and take a nap. They will have to work until they die.

What about Bernie Madoff who made off with all the cash, or Robert Vesco who stole money from his investors and moved to Cuba? Can we separate  what they did from who they are? I don’t think so. These individuals did not wake up one day and say, “you know what? I think I will swindle many people out of their life savings.” There were series of choices they made that took them out of the center. They began to rationalize their behavior, and subsequently, person and behavior became enmeshed.

Golf is just a game. It does not define who I am, but my behavior on the course demonstrates what kind of person I am. If I throw my club, which I really felt like doing today, or pound the club into the ground, which I did do,  demonstrates an immaturity. If I don’t keep these emotions in control, the next time I may do something more radical.

Today young people decide to hop in a bed with person after person, or maybe they drink a lot, or maybe they hang around with questionable people. They think these actions don’t effect them. The fact is, the actions do effect them. Choices are made that eat away at who we are, and we then become something that we did not intend to be. It happens all the time.

I love golf, but not so much today. Tomorrow is a new day, and I plan on demonstrating who I really am on the course, regardless of the score.

And that is my thought for the day!


2 thoughts on “What We Do And Who We Are!

  1. Hey, Roger. Read your writing. I could go back and read again but I want to go on my first impression. I could relate to your losing composure. “it’s just a game”. I think you are relating to alot of people. We want to be perfect. Nice to know we are still loved even though we aren’t “perfect”. A lesson in life. I still love you!

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