A Manager’s Philosophy

Thursday and Friday last week I had the opportunity to sit in on a very important school meeting. It was fascinating to watch all of the people who were involved and interact with them. I observed and learned. There are a lot of changes happening at my place of employment. It is an exciting time for the college.

A couple of events have been running through my mind for a couple of days now. The events reinforced in my thinking the importance of having a solid management philosophy. It needs to be a holistic philosophy that encompasses how you make decisions, and how you treat people. If a manager doesn’t decide how they intend to do these things bad things will happen. I guarantee it.

If a manager’s is supposed to have a philosophy what does it need to include? I already mentioned decision-making. A decision should be made based on as much data as possible. A manager needs to make a good decision, and to do this they need good information. As Henry Mintzberg says, managers often make decisions by the seat of their pants. They just don’t ever have enough detail to make a solid decision. Therefore, a manager needs to do everything they can to have the right information to make a good decision.

Another important part of the managers philosophy should include an emotional stableness. This means that in moments of distress, the manager can keep a level head when others cannot. Daniel Goleman had a lot to say about this topic, especially when he spoke about Emotional Intelligence.

Another part of the manager’s philosophy involves the inclusion of a strong sense of right and wrong. Whether this sense of right and wrong involves a Judea/Christian element, or some sense of categorical imperative based in their ability to reason, the manager must have strong values.

The manager’s philosophy must also include a strategy on how to treat people. People are the most important asset for a company. This is not just some cliche, it is the truth. Therefore, how the manager chooses to treat people will determine if they are a successful leader or not.

And that is my simple thought for the day!


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