A New Semester!

Today is Sunday, and I am writing this thinking about the new semester that is starting tomorrow. In preparation for my classes I have been reading several books. I have found a new Economist, Bastiat, who is a French version of Hayak. I have just finished reading about Jefferson, which has given men a stronger sense of the importance of Freedom, both political and economic. And with the new non-profit MMOL and the Social Entrepreneurship Major coming, it appears this will be a full and busy semester. On top of all this I am Faculty Chair, ENACTUS faculty advisor, and planning a student trip to South Dakota.  A full plate if you will.

There are several elements of this busy schedule that I want to reflect on this morning as I make a commitment to my students. ENACTUS has made some great strides this semester. The board has done a good job in getting us organized. We should do a good job at Regionals in April and will probably go to Nationals again. I am excited about our new succession plan, which will help us be even stronger next school year.

ENACTUS will be strongly connected to the Social Entrepreneurship Major. This is a new major for WPC, and will accurately reflect the ethos of the school. I will work hard to ensure this major is successful because I believe that it should be the flagship of the business program.

The non-profit Masters in Management and Organizational Leadership (MMOL) has incredible potential. My commitment is to work closely with the group of professionals to ensure the program meets the needs of the customer.

I plan on teaching each of my classes with a renewed energy. I want each of my students to leave WPC, engaged, enriched, and ready to be successful in the world. Many of our students have started developing excellent careers. I want that to continue and improve.

This will be a great semester. I am humbled and blessed to be able to do something that I enjoy, while getting paid for it.

And that is my thought for the day!


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