Spitzer And Weiner: The New Dynamic Duo

As much as I liked blogging about the M & M boys of Clark County Washington, Madore and Mielke, I may have new dynamic duo. It appears the Spitzer and Weiner, two politicians on the east coast that experienced embarrassing sex related scandals, are trying to reenter politics.

Anthony Weiner, who was caught sexting, is now considered a top mayoral candidate for New York City. If that is not weird enough then how about Eliot Spitzer, who spent a few thousand dollars on prostitutes as Governor of the great state of New York, running for comptroller. Although second chances are nothing new, just ask Mark Sanford, Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, Gary Hart, And David Vitter about second chances, one must question whether these two individuals recognize the error of their ways.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a firm believer in redemption, or second chances. And I am not one to throw the first stone. All of us must learn from failure, but I am willing to bet you Weiner and Spritzer have both learned some very tough personal and professional lessons. I know what my wife would do to me if I did something like these two gentlemen did.

The Associated Press today reported that “While the two Democrats insist they’re not looking at one another’s examples, they’re drawing from a common playbook: ask voters for clemency, tell them you’ve change and focus on what you can do for the city.” Both just want a chance to be heard. But I have to ask larger civic questions.

Is this event an indicator of a more serious moral issue within our society? Nathanial Hawthorne’s incredible exploration into the world of hypocrisy wrote about the Scarlet Letter. At one point in time there was a long lasting stigma that was associated with adultery. Now, reports are telling us that married women and men are cheating at just about at the same level now. Is the thought of adultery no  big deal today? I think it is serious, just ask the spouse who was cheated on.

Another part of this discussion needs to be the appropriate amount of time associated with repentance. Spitzer lost his governor’s job about five years ago, and Weiner two years ago. Is that the correct amount of time penance? I don’t know. I will say this though, at least both of these gentlemen made an attempt at repairing their situation, not like Jimmy Swaggart.

Jimmy was a very popular T.V. evangelist. He had this thing for prostitutes. He got caught, cried on T.V. and vowed to submit to Church discipline, that is until he saw how much it was going to cost him. He ignored Church leadership and kept his ministry going. It has and will never achieve the same amount of popularity as in the 1980’s prior to the scandal. I do believe if he would have followed Church discipline it would have turned out differently.

Spitzer and Weiner may have done enough penance. “Voter response so far has been fairly encouraging for Weiner: he’s polling at, or near the top of a crowded Democratic mayoral field. As for Spitzer, New Yorker’s expressed mixed feelings.” But we’ll see.

We all make mistakes, but it will be the New York voters who will determine if the mistakes these two gentlemen made have been sufficiently atoned for.

And that is my thought for the day!


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