Our Messed Up Politicians

Gone for a weekend and I come back to more M&M funny stuff. Today’s Columbian Newspaper had a great article on the fiasco of the Don Benton appointment. And then I looked at Saturday’s paper and found Lou Brancaccio’s column discussing the mess associated with our local, state, and national politics. Lou starts his article with the comment, “Why is government such a mess?” After I read this I heard that Obama has decided that congress needs to debate whether we should attack Syria. What a great way to deflect the decision, and create some political capital. When Congress fails to agree, then Obama can blame them for inaction. I am not too sure we want to go into Syria, but that is not my point, it only illustrates the validity of Lou’s point that our politicians have gone loco.

Obviously there is the M&M fiasco. The appointment of Don Benton to a $100,000 job that he is not qualified to perform is very telling. Lou makes the point that most politicians don’t care where tax money goes. I tend to agree with him.

Brancaccio emphasizes his point with the craziness associated with he Battleground School District. “The school board cut loose the superintendent and threw several hundred thousand dollars at her to go away.” This was taxpayer’s money that they used secretly to make her just go away, while on the other hand they were trying to raise levy funds.

It doesn’t get any better, because now we have governments giving pensions to lobbyists. Not only are our cities and states bordering on bankruptcy due to fiscal incompetence, but we are giving pensions to nongovernment workers when we can’t even afford the ones that are supposed to be giving.

Brancaccio hits the nail on the head when he points out that all elections do is pertuate the problem. “You think the easy solution would be to simply elect people who would serve the public in a fair and reasonable way.” He then says, “But Madore is a perfect example of how this doesn’t work. Voters had high hopes that Madore would get in there, use some common sense, and clean up the mess created by decades of other politicians.” It just doesn’t happen that way.

I know some say that all politics is local, but I don’t think that is the case. There is something dreadfully wrong with our political system. This wrongness is leading to the continuation of the wrong leadership style. Our political leaders continue to support those that are close to them at the expense of the real people.

The real people pay their taxes, get up and go to work every day, hoping something would change. But the political system continues to use the resources collected to continually support entrenched pork proving that nothing changes.

Who chooses the people that run for office? We are mistaken if we say the people, because someone within the parties have to ok who will for a particular office. Thus the cronies in charge are the ones who choose will run, thus perpetuating the system. This is why nothing changes, the fox is in charge of the henhouse

And that is my thought for the day!


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