Time is at a premium. Time is not a commodity to be used up and thrown away. Time is an investment, which much be used wisely and intently. We all need downtime. We all need to get the required rest needed to be clearheaded. We all need family time to keep a balanced viewpoint about life. We need time with Jesus to fill up our spiritual gas tanks. We need quality time to perform our jobs appropriately. If we do one thing too much it will detract from the other categories of time. So many thoughts about the concept of time!

This is what I have been thinking about quite a bit lately. When one has a demanding job that requires high levels of effort, one needs to recognize they cannot do it all themselves. The advice to leave it at work is wise and important. You need to try and not bring it home with you. Another axiom is how you need to attempt to control the level of adrenalin that is excreted into your system. This rush is addicting, and if not controlled will damage the host. How to accomplish this is my new lesson in life.

When I go home at night after having been high on adrenalin all day I am exhausted. I am a bit chatty, and my wife who is tired too does not need me yacking her to death. So finding the balance is going to critical over the next few months.

The situation is this, a new strategic plan, justifying current academic offerings, and bringing a team together to perform at a high level. This means creating a sub-team here, work with this stakeholder over there, develop new curriculum in my office, and make decisions with this other group. It is a lot of work, but very rewarding.

My goal is to find that needed balance to stay focused, engaged, but not overwhelmed. The only way to accomplish this is with a strong team. I cannot complete the task by myself. I do not have the skill, nor the drive to make all decisions, to write all the syllabi, and chose what all programs need to do. I need to ensure that I have the right people on the bus, and we are working together to make sure the bus is heading in the right direction.

Adrenalin is good and bad. I am the one that will need to control how much I use. I am the captain of my fate. That said, I know I need to keep my faith on the front burner, and rely on my relationship with God to give me strength to meet the demands of this new position. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” Random comments on a cold Friday morning; but to be successful in a high stress job, important comments.

And that is my thought for the day!


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