Breaking Bad

I have no idea what the TV program “Breaking Bad” was about other than it was a high school chemistry teacher who starts manufacturing and selling drugs. So when I decided to name my blog today, Breaking Bad, it is not related to the TV program, but to political programs. Our politicians are breaking our country in a bad way. Our President is not leading, our Senators are not being wise, and who knows what our Congress is doing. When even Thomas Sowell makes negative comments about Republicans we should know there is a problem (see his column for today).

October 17th is the end-of-the-world as we know it. At least according to our news media. However, this day in history, when we default on our loans (the first time in our history) our political yahoos will go down as the worst US politicians in our antiquity. I would not want to be the one who ruins a country. For whatever reason the combination of Tea Parties, Obama’s, Pelosi’s, and Boehners have created a toxic environment where nothing is getting accomplished.

In today’s Capital Journal Gerald Seib discusses what is going on and what is needed to change this toxic situation. He states, “The Republicans have several sometimes conflicting goals in the current government shutdown impasse. Democrats, by contrast, have just one. Its called break the fever.” Breaking the fever is code for stopping last minute crises. Just like there is an impoverished mentality, there is a critical mentality in politics that never gets anything done until the last minute. They live by the tyranny of the urgent. This is no way to govern a world power, or any country for that matter.

To say you will not negotiate something is really stupid. And to hinge your whole position on a bill that is the capstone of your opponent’s agenda is futile. Thus the situation is what it is. Obama has dug-in, as have the Republicans. Now they sit there and fiddle while Rome burns, and just like Nero they will blame the Christians. Oops, sorry, that will be another blog.

One thing Seib says is quite interesting. “The most striking aspect of this fight overall is that neither party’s leaders picked it.” It is like most battles during the Civil War that happened by accident. Rebel soldiers looking for shoes run into the Union army and open the door for a dramatic battle at Gettysburg. This is similar to the plans that were made during the summer, and then an attempt at a filibuster by Ted Cruz, and all of a sudden we have a different agenda. This battle was an accident, and now we have a fiscal Gettysburg.

Let me tell you, this is not leadership. Political brinkmanship is a horrible way to run a country. Saying we won’t negotiate, or telling another a budget will not pass unless a certain bill is defunded is not compromise or consensus. I say vote em all out. My gosh, this frustrates me so much. Where are the problem solvers, where are the individuals who want to make our country better for all?

Everyone is warning the government the default will hurt our ability to produce and compete with the rest of the world. Yet, nothing changes. If I owned a company, and the managers were running my company like this, they would be fired in a heartbeat.

I guess I could through in a few more comments, but I’ve said my piece. I have to say I cannot remember any time in my enlightened history, in other words where I am paying attention, that is has been this bad. They better listen to their pollsters, because we are all angry, which will not bode well for incumbents.

And that is my thought for the day!





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