Wow, What A Week!

This blog entry may be a bit personal, but every once in a while I need to just talk about my feelings. Wow, what a week! I had a physical on Monday. The positive, my cholesterol dropped ten points. It is still a little high, but it is going in the right way, without drugs. My blood pressure is good, and my pulse is healthy. All is calm on the western front. I did gain five pounds, but I will be working on that. I have en Echo Cardiogram next Wednesday. We just want to make sure the heart is still working well.

I know this is probably TMI, but at my age, you think about how much time you have left, what you want to accomplish with the time, and what the quality of your life will be as you continue to mature.

When I was working on my Doctorate, I spent a lot of time reading Erik Erikson. His Psychosocial Stages made sense to me. Right now I am in middle adulthood, but on the latter end. I am still seeking equilibrium between Generativity and Stagnation. I still need to create and nurture things that will out live me. I am not having any more children, but I am seeking benefits for others.

Erikson ends his eight stages with the Maturity stage, which seeks equilibrium between ego integrity and despair. Erikson believed that “older adults need to look back on their life and feel a sense of fulfillment.” They need to feel wise, and have minimal regret, bitterness, and despair. I can hardly wait. Now that was sarcasm.

Erikson correctly identifies this as a common human trait. Time and time again we see examples of this all through the world. Rich people give up their wealth to help others, while the 1% sign agreements to give half their wealth away before they die. Men give up high paying jobs to become Pastors. Women raise their children then start non-profits. As we age we look for ways to give back.

I read another example of this in the WSJ this week. James Higa, an advisor to Steven Jobs, used to negotiate contracts for Apple with Music Companies. Now he is negotiating socio-economic issues in the Bay area in California. Higa is “among a growing group of techies seeking to bridge a widening income gap in San Francisco, riddled by rising home prices and persistent poverty.”  He is another in the army of successful people who are now using their skills to change the world. He may not see himself as one, but this gentleman has joined the ranks of thousands of Social Entrepreneurs throughout the world.

From what I can tell Higa’s group is similar to Hatch in Portland. “The Invention Hub – which officially opens on Tuesday in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood next to a luxury apartment complex – is a collaborative workspace.” Within this workspace is another group, Just Business, “which invests and incubates for-profit companies with a social good component.” Sounds like Hatch!

I have to say, I have found my niche, because I am enjoying working with future Social Entrepreneurs. Who knows where this will lead, but I am excited. I am healthy and ready to go.

And that is my thought for the day!


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