Various Thoughts On Our ENACTUS Team

Wow, what a week last week. I travelled with the WPC ENACTUS student leaders and presentation team to compete at the National ENACTUS conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. I learned many lessons about leadership over the last year, both watching and interacting with this group. The result was the best performance by our team at the conference ever. The question is what did I learn?

First, as the leader you don’t have to do it all. If you have a capable team, that allows you the freedom to delegate your authority to the team. The board of WPC ENACTUS this year was the strongest board our club has ever had. They doubled club membership and raised service hours by 500%. Pretty amazing performance by anyone’s standard!

Second, team leadership is critical. The President for the club this year was a type A personality. He drove the board well, but would often case some friction. I think this is pretty typical. However, I could trust him to get what needed to be accomplished done. There is great freedom in that, and I only had to get involved a couple of times over the year.

Third, my job as Faculty Advisor is to remove barriers. This is also a lesson I learned as a manager for a large company. You tell the team what is supposed to get accomplished, and then you remove any barriers that would get in the way of them getting it done, which is what I did this year.

The board for next year is already beginning to take shape. Our new President has been elected. I believe she will do a great job. Students are stepping forward to get involved and be a part of the board. The club has come so far! It originally had five members, but now encompasses 10% of the student body. These students are using business skills and personal strengths to create positive social change within the community.

I do believe the ENACTUS team now has a vision of success. I think when the five students who were a part of the presentation team stood on stage during a sound check, just in case they made it to the final four, they realized that they could do it. They now realize they can compete with the ASU’s, U of A, or OSU, all much larger schools than theirs. All of a sudden the students of Warner Pacific College can view the strengths of their Business program in juxtaposition with other schools. They can see how now only are they getting a good education, they are getting it in a smaller more personal setting.

Oh, didn’t I tell you? Warner Pacific College ended up finishing the competition tied for fifth in the nation. To get there we won two competitions on the strength of our program and the poise of the presentation. I am very proud of those students and what they accomplished. I can hardly wait to see what happens next year.

And that is my thought for the day!


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