The Old Friends Of Summer

I love the summer, especially when it gets hot. Today is a warm one, a good day for sitting on the back porch in the shade waiting for a nice cool breeze. I will not complain about the heat, because it is sunny. Having lived in the Northwest for many years now I have come to appreciate the sun.

The summer is when you usually get reacquainted with old friends. What I mean by this is I will usually buy the latest Jason Bourne or Tom Clancey book and read it. In other words I get involved with either Jason or Jack. It is like catching up with an old friend. The latest book written by Eric Van Lustbader is titled “The Bourne Retribution,” and is following the formula of all of the Bourne books ending with Jason saving the day.

Summer is also a good time for going to the moving theater, if there are any good movies out. There are not any movies we are interested in, but we did watch “Age of Valor” today. We had taped it earlier, and it was very good. A Jihadist was trying to smuggle suicide vests into the United States using underground drug smuggling tunnels. Our Navy Seals saved the day though. Good movie and very heart wrenching.

The film did a good job of highlighting the violence in Mexico and South America. And we have all been reading lately about the difficulty other Central American countries are having. It makes me wonder if I will be taking students to Honduras over Christmas break? There is a crisis South of the Border, one that must be dealt with. I have visited Honduras several times, and love the people there, but many children from the central part of the country are making the horrible trek to the United States. It is not only dangerous, but when they are arrested they get sent back to Honduras.

Peggy Noonan wrote about this travesty on Saturday. She used words like chaos, collapse, and crisis to describe the problems. She also described how our politicians see this as a political problem and not a real one. This adds to the chaos, because no one is seeking positive solutions, they are pointing at each other saying how the other doesn’t care. I’d like the words of Noonan to describe this horrible situation. “There seem only two groups that view the situation with appropriate alarm. One is the children themselves, dragged through the deserts to be deposited here. To them everything is a swirl of lights, color and clamor, and shouting and clanking.” Reporters have written about the lost look in these children’s eyes.

The other group, according to Noonan, is “normal Americans.” The normal, non-political, folks see this as lawlessness that has terrible implications for the country.” Noonan uses the metaphor of a house to describe the fiasco we are in. “Children looking lost, no one is taking care of them. Older ones settling in the garage, or working a window to the cellar. You call the cops. At first they don’t come. Then they come and shout through a bullhorn and take some of the kids and put them in a shelter a few blocks away. But more kids keep coming!”

Politicians are letting this event grow to demonstrate the other party’s inability to deal with the problem. So far we have had 50,000 children come to this country illegally, while some are predicting that number will rise to 90,000. “The little children in great danger, holding hands, staring blankly ahead, are pawns in a larger game. That game is run by adults. How cold do you have to be to use children this way?”

I agree, how cold do we have to be to use children in a political game to ensure one party over the other maintains the control. What a horrible way of doing political business. Whatever happened to our ability to be compassionate leaders of the free world? Whatever happened to our ability to make good and sound decisions? There was a political cartoon the other day in the paper that displayed President Obama in the middle of falling down, burning buildings, and the caption said, “At least I am not playing a fiddle.” I think all of congress should be in this picture with him.

The time is now for strong leadership, not political gerrymandering.

And that is my thought for the day!



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