How To Handle Pressure!

Today’s blog will be a little different. We are now in August, and school is right around the corner. Decisions must be made, students transferring in and transferring out, and old faculty leaving and new coming in. All of these thoughts woke me from a sound sleep at 3:30am. I did go back to sleep, but only after rising at 4am, reading for a bit and then going back to bed at 5:30am. Oh how I dislike that process. Like most of us it usually occurs on Sundays.

The question then is how does one handle pressure? In any occupation pressure is a reality. You have someone that does not like you, you have looming deadlines, or massive changes that need to be accomplished. How does one put their nose to the grindstone and methodically deal with each of those things that need to be done? Maybe I have answered my question by writing these words.

Dealing with pressure is like dealing with a plethora of items that need to be accomplished. You address them one item at a time. When I was in college taking multiple classes, I had to structure my time in a way that I could prioritize what needed to be accomplished by due dates. So maybe that is one way to handle pressure. Organize you time, deal with requirements prior to the deadline, and ignore the tyranny of the urgent.

I do remember telling myself to enjoy the process of college. However, I would often get caught up in the desire to just be done. I did the reading, wrote the papers, but often it was not for the learning but for the grade and getting er done. The lesson then, I think, is enjoyng the process more. Then I would get more enjoyment out of whatever it is I am trying to accomplish.

I think I feel the pressure more when there is a deadline and I am behind schedule. That seems to be the problem right now. Summer is winding down, I tried to stay away from the school as much as I could, but there is just too much going on. Therefore, I half-heartedly did summer stuff and work stuff. Not a good way of dealing with either, thus adding to the pressure.

Now it is August 5th and school starts the 25th, and there is so much to do. I am going in today and tomorrow, and then we go camping. We are heading to Ashland, which is our usual last trip of the summer. It I usually a wonderful time, but it is also a bit sad. Winter is right around the corner. I must keep a positive outlook.

Handling pressure means keeping a positive outlook. It means staying on top of things. And it means enjoying the process. I know I can handle pressure, I just need to reengage and enjoy the road I am on. A little short, sweet, and cathartic blog today!

And that is my thought for the day!


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