A New School Year

Can you believe it? School has started. Welcome weekend is over and now it is time to buckle down and get to work. Yesterday the Business Department met with the new students and we will be seeing all of the returning students in our classes today. We had seven of the nine instructors for this semester involved yesterday, and I have to say our department rocked it. A great level of energy in the room, and the fresh new perspective of having the additional faculty involved was incredible.

I have a lot of hope for this new year. Our HCA professor will be teaching Economics also, which will give her a larger exposure to our students. I know the business and SE students will enjoy her style and her knowledge.

The Accounting professor is beginning to see how Accounting, framed within social justice, can change the world. I think all of us in the department are beginning to see that framing our business classes within the larger context of positive social change is important. This is the unique Warner Pacific perspective.

As I said over and over yesterday, I believe in the power of business to change the world. This change can be either good or bad based upon how we frame the activity. The activity of business is the same no matter what type of organization one is involved in. Therefore, technically business programs teach the same things. However, if business can create positive social change then we much frame the activities of business within the larger context of said social change. This is the why of teaching business at Warner Pacific College.

This is why we have created a new program, in its second year, around Social Entrepreneurship. We have fifteen students in the SE 101 course, and nine in the program from last year. Not bad for a new program, and based upon the questions yesterday, there is an incredible amount of interest in the program, students just don’t know what it is.
Our new SE professor has a very high level of energy. This was obvious yesterday and good. I think it actually pushed us old folks to be a little more animated. I look forward to seeing how this new instructor will impact the SE program. I think she is going to do an excellent job, and will have a great impact on our department as a whole.

We have a new law professor this year. He teaches for us in the adult program, and I think our students are going to love his style. I would love to move this class away from the 8am time slot, but at this point in time there is a need to accommodate the instructor’s schedule, thus the early time frame. We’ll see how students respond to the new person.

BUS 101 has always been a course that is interesting and challenging. We have a new instructor and we have a new text and strategy. We are now framing the course as foundational to the whole program. I think the person we have teaching this course will do this quite well. I am looking forward to seeing what happens with that course this year.

As I stated yesterday was an exciting start to the school year. I really needed to just think through what happened and reflect on it. I do plan on blogging a bit more. It is time to get back to work.

And that is my thought for the day!


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