Thoughts On Mortality

My wife and I have been talking about life and mortality; specifically on how people live and die and life goes on. The metaphor I use to describe this process involves filling a bucket with water, put your finger in the water and then pull the finger out. What does the water do? It just fills in where the finger used to be. The water doesn’t change, it just fills in, and so is life. Many people live, die, and all forgotten. Many live and die and are remembered; they are remembered by families, friends, co-workers, etc. But some are just here and gone, with no one remembering them. It is tragic.

My thoughts as I went to church this morning were, since this is the case, as described above, how should one live? The conclusion I came to as I was waiting for the service to begin was to live my life to prepare for life in eternity. See I am a believer in Jesus Christ. I believe because of His death on the cross that when I die I will live forever with Him. So living my life now to prepare for the eternal future seems like the thing to do.

Obviously the next question to enter my mind is, what does that look like? It was rather amazing, or what I would call a God moment, that the section of scripture that Pastor Don dealt with this morning was relevant to my musings. So my question about life style was answered.

In 1 Corinthians 9 starting in verse 24 Paul talks about running a race. In this section of scripture he talks about strict training, not running aimlessly, and said we shouldn’t be beating the air. All of which speaks of futility. In this section of scripture Paul was emphasizing self-discipline so one does not ruin one’s legacy. I think what Bill Cosby is going through right now is a good illustration of this point.

Whether Cosby did what he has been accused of, I cannot say, but the fact is his reputation has been sullied. Especially by the fact that so many women have come forward. Again, I am not saying he did it or not, but anyone should think through the long-term ramifications of an action prior to doing the deed. Run the race in a way that at the end you will not be disqualified. I think this is critical.

In chapter 10 of 1 Corinthians Paul continues to give us advice. Don’t set you hearts on evil things, don’t indulge in sexual immorality; and don’t test God. He describes this for us by illustrations from the Israelites. As the Israelites wandered through the dessert they continually set their hearts on evil. Even wanting to go back to Egypt. While Moses was on Mount Sinai the Israelites got bored and Aaron made them a god out of gold. The people in their boredom rose up and played. They lost sight of the purpose. And when the people questioned God, some bad things happened with snakes.

So how does one live their life in preparation for the future? I think Philippians 1:22 states it best. “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” So, I am going to live my life for Christ, because in that way it doesn’t matter than when I pull out, the water fills in behind me. I will actually gain, and maybe someone with remember me.

And that is my thought for the day!


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