The New Year!

Over the last week I have thought about what a new year means. I have thought about my family, church, career, and philosophy. Change is all around therefore, what, if anything, do I change in 2015? In November of this year I will be 65, enrolling in Medicare. I probably have ¾ of my life done, at least according to the Social Security website. However, I did read this morning that people with asthma have a higher chance of heart disease. Oh my, I just can’t win. But, the question is relevant, what does the new year bring?

First, careerwise I don’t see any changes. I love being a professor and working with students. So I don’t foresee anything changing there. In my family, probably not a whole lot changing there, but hopefully there will be some opportunities for my kids for better jobs, and for more opportunities to see grandchildren. Mainly I am going to care for my wife who had surgery and needs love and support.

There may be a change when it comes to church though. My pastor of the last five years is retiring, and I am thinking it is time to try something else. It is not that I like church hopping, but I think I want the fresh wind of the Spirit filling me a new. I know that is not related to where I attend church, it is my responsibility to keep myself in a place of openness to God, but it just may be good for me to attend another church. I have recently attended one close to my home, where there are a lot of old friends, and it feels very comfortable, and at my age comfortable is good.

My philosophy probably will not change much either. Although, I may be a bit more liberal than I used to be. However, my belief that business is a force for positive social change has been fortified over the last year, and I think it will become even more prominent in my thinking this year.

I plan on introducing myself to Lisa Detchman and Detour Ministries. She has started a thrift and consignment shop in downtown Vancouver. The store is located at 808 Mainstreet. I also plan on sitting down with Ryan Hurley who started Detour Ministries, “a nonprofit Christian organization that aims to create sustainable support for nonprofits and churches.” This is very similar to Erik Bahmes concept Mission-Based-Entrepreneurship. Also, the principles are the same as Social Business or Social Entrepreneurship. This to me is the salvation of Capitalism.

What Detchman is doing is running a business, and then giving the proceeds to various ministries and nonprofits, such as the food bank. In December she was able to give a $900 check to the Clark County Food Bank. Detchman operates her firm using effective and efficient business practices. This in turn helps to provide more of a return to charities. Detchman is using the triple bottom line as her business model. She is looking at the economics of the business, the social return, and ways of being environmentally aware (her philosophy involves reuse). I really need to touch bases with this group.

So there you have it, a short description of what I have been thinking. And oh, by the way, I plan on improving my blog site. That is the next thing on my list.

And that is my thought for the day!


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