The Good And Bad Of The Week

This was a week. I think all of us have made statements like this, and we all know what this coment means. I am pondering this on a Saturday afternoon, having had a wonderful walk with my wife in downtown Vancouver, while waiting for my round of golf to begin at 2pm.

I am often amazed at folks that I come in contact with that are so stuck in their own way of thinking and philosophy that they miss the forest because of trees. Capitalism is wrong and cannot be trusted, decisions made that are short sighted because business is evil and we can’t have a vibrant business program because we don’t want to be a business school, stated with disdain. Sometimes it gets to me and really irritates me. But then I read comments that are coming out of schools like Babson.

Babson College is a large college of over 3,000 students. It is located in Massachusetts. It’s mission and vision:
Mission Statement
Babson College educates entrepreneurial leaders who create great economic and social value—everywhere.
Vision Statement
We want to be the preeminent institution in the world for Entrepreneurial Thought and Action®—and known for it. We want to expand the notion of entrepreneurship to embrace and celebrate entrepreneurs of all kinds. We want to put the power of entrepreneurship as a force for economic and social value creation in as many hands in the world as we can.
I really like this, and I think where I need to teach should embrace this. Several faculty at Babson have collaborated on a book I just purchased, and I find this quite motivating.

In the book The New Entrepreneurial Leader the authors write “We believe in the potential of global innovations that can yield both social and economic opportunity.” I love it when I find kindred spirits. Porter and Kramer as also quoted in this book as stating, “Profit maximization and shareholder value creation, long considered an adequate basis for businesses, are no longer sufficient.” Business theorists, Academics, and Leaders now recognize the importance of “maximizing the common good and minimizing social injustice and environmental impact is the order of the day.”

I have now found folks who believe as I do that Entrepreneurial leadership is needed to create both social and economic value for society. This activity is not just accomplished via startups, but by being an entrepreneur no matter what setting one is in. “Entrepreneurial leaders are united by their ability to think and act differently to improve their organizations and the world.”

The job of the Social Entrepreneurship program at Warner Pacific is to create entrepreneurial leaders who are self-aware, innovative, and who have the ability to create social and economic value for their communities, nation and world. We want our students to understand that entrepreneurship can be used to create social, economic, and environmental value thereby improving the world. Our students learn about appropriating and using needed resources, and “through a combination of self-reflection, analysis, resourcefulness, and creative thinking and action, find ways to inspire and lead others to tackle seemingly intractable problems.” Just like those students at Babson.

I am very thankful for this little book I have found. I am going to use it as a textbook for the leadership course in the Fall. For the last several years I have been looking for textbooks that will help me push my students to think differently about business. I want my students to see how business can be a powerful force for good in this world. And now I have found likeminded folks at Babson College, which makes me quite excited.

“As a management educator, I believe I have the opportunity and the responsibility to be a force for change as I redesign –and even reinvent – management education and development programs to foster entrepreneurial leadership.” If anyone wants to join me on this journey and study what entrepreneurial leadership is, then come see me at Warner Pacific College. I am currently working with 20 students, and I know they will change the world. I am hoping many more young and old alike will come and study what it means to be a Social Entrepreneur.

And that is my thought for the day!


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