Greetings From Sam Washington (An Allegory)

Hi, my name is Sam Washington. You may have seen pictures of me. I am a tall slim older gentleman with bushy hair and a white goatee. I usually wear clothing made up of some combination of red, white, and blue colors with stars. I am Caucasian, but I have adopted children of all colors, races, and religions. I am a very wealthy person, but there are times when I reflect on my history and realize that some of that wealth was earned by doing some not so nice things. I may not sound familiar to you, but all of my friends call me Uncle Sam. I really like that name, and I am proud of what I have done with my life.

Some people are saying that I am having a nervous breakdown. I am older now, but my family is kind of crazy. Even though I am wealthy I have a lot of debt, but I do have a lot of income. At this point in time in my life I am trying to figure things out a bit. I have two natural children, and many adopted children. I’d like to tell you about them.

The names of my natural children are Demi Crat Washington and Ree Publican Washington. Both of them love me, but they really look at things so differently. Demi is my second child, and has changed over the years. I used to think she was from the Southern part of my business. She used to be very angry because I adopted some children she didn’t like, but now she is much more inclusive. She does like to spend money though and really doesn’t care how she gets it, which may be because of her new boyfriend Bernie.

Ree used to be more like Demi, but now I am not too sure what he is doing. He is my oldest child, but seems to be hanging out with some very crazy people. Ree tells me he believes certain things, but his actions tell me something else. I think his new friends are a bad influence on him. Their names are Rush, Glenn, Ted and Donald (I will tell you I really don’t like those boys) and are filling Ree’s head with nonsense. Neither one of my children really care for my adopted children. Demi says she does, but she only says she does because she wants to make Ree look bad. And Ree, who knows what he is thinking, seems like he just doesn’t care.

Let me tell you about my business. I have been in business for a long time. I have been very successful; my business has a revenue stream of about $17 Trillion. I feel pretty good about that, but I also have about $19 Trillion in debt. I don’t feel very good about that, but I am not too sure what to do about it. I was hoping Demi and Ree would come up with some good ideas but they are too busy hating each other. As a result many of my other children are suffering.

I was reflecting the other day about how my business got to this point. Some of it I am quite proud of, but other parts of my business model were not so good. There was a time when I actually owned people. I am really not too proud of that, and some of my children experience high levels of guilt over the situation. I want everyone to know I care about the one’s I used to own and have adopted them as my children. However, some of my other children didn’t like that so they worked with others to exploit my new children. This has had an on going effect that continues to have a negative effect on those children.

I have to admit in my past I was very competitive. When I was just starting out there was huge potential in the North American market. There were other competitors fighting over North American resources. There were English, French, Spanish, and Mexican companies fighting over the land. However, I believed I had a manifest destiny to increase my hold over those resources. I defeated my competitors and sent them packing. Some think I took advantage, but I feel I was just doing what I was supposed to do.

However, as this was occurring there were human beings who didn’t enjoy the competition. These were indigenous resources that were overrun by my managers. My managers did not think they could do the work we wanted them to do, so we sent them to different parts of our company that were less important. We have kept them there, hoping they’d quit and go somewhere else. However, their working conditions just get worse and worse. I actually feel pretty bad about that, and feel my managers took advantage of them. I’d like to adopt them as my children, but they don’t trust me. I wonder why?

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, it seems my friends throughout the world think I am having a nervous breakdown. I believe they feel this way because of my children Demi and Ree. Actually, I am telling you this because I am reflecting about my life. I want to figure out how to repair my relationship with my adopted children who I once owned and now want to help. I also want to adopt those indigenous resources so they can experience a better family life. I want all of my children to have equal opportunity.

I really think I am experiencing the eighth stage of Erik Erikson’s psychosocial development model. According to Erik when people reach a certain age they are considered mature, and at this point there is a crisis that is experienced. He actually called this the wisdom stage. The existential question of this time in life is “is it ok to have been me?” I think that is the question I am wrestling with right now. I am looking at the good and bad of my accomplishments and trying to figure out how to reconcile my actions. I did good and I did bad. I have feelings of contentment and I have feelings of disgust.

What appears to others as a nervous breakdown is nothing more than trying to figure out where my family needs to go from here. I have no doubt we will figure it out, and I trust my children to sit down and discuss this. However, I think Demi and Ree need to see a counselor. I think they are nuts right now. Ree needs to stop talking to Glenn, Ted, Donald and Rush. Demi needs to quit playing with Bernie because he is bad for her and my family. However, I think the biggest culprit is Jimmy Olson the news reporter. He is a sensationalist, and I think he likes the conflict. It sells more of his papers.

I hope you don’t mind the musings of an old man. I love my family and I know we will figure this out. Tell everyone Uncle Sam says hi.

And that is my thought for the day!


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