Off To Kazakhstan

My wife has dropped me off at the airport. I’ve made it through security, and I am now sitting at my gate waiting to board. At 2:06pm I leave for a place in the world I had no idea I would ever visit. The Republic of Kazakhstan is a Central Asian Country which had been a part of the Soviet Union. According to information about the country it is the largest land locked country in the world, and the 9th largest country in the world by square miles. It borders with Russia, and I will be about 100 miles from Siberia where my grand father was born, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. I am now officially excited.

My first stop will be Amsterdam. I arrive there Sunday morning at 8:20 am. I plan on taking the train into central Amsterdam, have some coffee and do some shopping. I don’t leave for Almety, Kazakhstan until 3pm in the afternoon. I arrive in Almety about 3am, and will leave for Ust about 6 hours later. It will be a long day!

Just about a week ago I found out that my dilated ascending aorta has grown a bit. However, the Doctor has assured me that I can travel just fine. So here I go.

One might ask what will you be doing in Kazakhstan? I arrive on Monday and will be able to settle into my hotel. On Tuesday and Wednesday there is a holiday. Nauryz is a holiday that celebrates the coming of Spring, and I understand it is an incredible celebration.

On Thursday I begin working. Thursday and Friday I will be teaching business classes at Kazakh-American Free University (KAFU). I will be teaching one set of workshops on Organizational Behavior and one set of workshops on Servant Leadership. Also on Friday and Saturday I will be speaking at a conference. The topic will be Business as a Power for Positive Social Change.

The second week of my visit will include workshops and discussions. I return home on Saturday April 2nd. As I travel I will be writing about my experiences. So far nothing too exciting, but I know that will change soon.

And that is my thought for the day!


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