Day Two, and Three, In Kazakhstan – Kind of!

Wow, what a trip. The flight to Amsterdam was over 9 hours. The plane left Portland on Saturday at 2:06 and arrived Sunday in Amsterdam at 8:00am. It was long but I did get some sleep. I do like overseas flights, because they feed you well. I watched Spectre; there was an amazing selection of available movies. I also did some reading. When I get tired it becomes difficult to read.

At Amsterdam I took the train into Central Station. I had a little breakfast and coffee, and walked around the town taking pictures. It is a beautiful city, but very crowded. I used to think Portland was a bike friendly city, until I saw Amsterdam. I will say this about their public transportation it is amazing; the United States has a lot to learn.

I am very glad that I bought some travel pants. They are very comfortable and have helped me to travel well. I do have to admit though, for my flight from Amsterdam to Almaty I checked to see if I could use some of my miles and upgrade to business class. I really needed some sleep. I was able to, and ended up getting about four hours of good sleep. The flight attendants took good care of me.

Now I sit. It is almost 5am in Almaty. My flight changed, so I have to wait longer than I first thought. This will be brutal, but I will make it. When I get to the hotel this afternoon I will get some much needed rest. Tuesday and Wednesday it is a national holiday in Kazakhstan, so I will be able to experience it. Then it is to work.

These are just a few thoughts of a lonely traveler who is a foreigner in another country. I do have to admit that traveling helps me to see the relationship of the United States with the rest of the world. Everyone I have been talking too speaks two or three languages. I only speak one, and that is questionable at times.

Anyway, I am running out of gas and enough excitement for today. I miss my family terribly, but two weeks will go very quickly.

One last thought, the soldier’s uniforms here are very Chinese. I thought that was interesting.

And that is my thought for the day!


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