It’s Business And Personal

It is Saturday morning, and I am sitting in front of my computer. I am thinking about the purpose of It’s Business and Personal. Believe the best business practices are those that put people first. Good business does indeed mean good relationships.

I met with a group of prospective students yesterday and told them my thoughts about business. I think most of them heard what I had to say, but who knows. I wanted them to know that business, although you need something left over, is not just about profit. It is about relationships.

As we are recovering from this election, it is time to reiterate that relationships are more important than profit and politics. Peggy Noonan in her editorial, What Comes After the Uprising, stated “We have witnessed something epochal and grave. It is the beginning of a new era whose shape and form are not clear, whose personnel and exact direction are unknown. But something huge and incalculable has occurred.” In all of this I hope we don’t forget that all of us are human, and the other is not the devil.

I support an individual’s right to protest, but I don’t support the destruction of private property. Part of me says it is ok for the young people to express their disgust with the political process, but the other side of me wants to tell the “everyone gets a trophy generation,” that it is not all about them. But, anger is not just a millennial or boomer trait. It occurs in all of us. So expend your energy, get yourself arrested, but just like Lincoln’s inauguration when he had to sneak into Washington D.C., Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.

If my blog is about people and management, then how should Trump, the CEO of our country, deal with the big five social issues: 11 million undocumented immigrants located in the United States, abortion, the Supreme Court, taxes, and Social Security. My conservative friends will not be happy with some of my thoughts, nor will my liberal friends be happy with some of my thoughts. However, I want to take a humane and practical approach to solving these difficult issues.

First, lets discuss immigration. Talk about a broken system. I agree we need to make sure the only people that come to live in the United States follow a robust and accurate process. All countries in the world need to control its borders. In our case though we have millions of people who were born here to people that came across our southern border, or in other ways, and are deathly afraid they will be sent to a country they have never lived in. Don’t give me rhetoric or some uncaring comments, what are we going to do to ensure these individuals are safe?

My recommendation is a path to citizenship. Stop the flow of undocumented residents, but allow the one’s that are here and have been working, and even paying taxes, the ability to earn citizenship in this country. Both of my parents had ancestors who immigrated to this country. On my Dad’s side his great great great grandfather stowed away on a ship from Scotland to come to the United States in 1741. My grand parents on my mother’s side came from Russia during the Bolshevik revolution. My grand parents had their papers, but Mr. McArthur probably did not. So I think a path to citizenship is the right thing to do.

Second, what should we do about abortion? My wife and I used to like to watch Scandal. It was one of our guilty pleasures. We watched faithfully for several years until the final episode a couple of years ago. Olivia Pope, the protagonist, was pregnant. She and the President were going to have a baby. She chose to abort the baby. The final scene showed her laying on a table, while a Doctor’s arm was moving back and forth, with a vacuuming sound occurring, implying Olivia’s baby was being dissected and removed from her womb. That scene so disgusted us that we have not watched that show since.

So many of my liberal friends talk about wanting to be the voice of those who cannot speak for themselves, while they ignore the millions of babies unable to speak for themselves. I have decided to speak for the children of the silent scream. However, those on the conservative side, who cry out against abortion, forget about support for low-income women who have babies. Therefore, I think we need to limit abortion and improve adoption and financial support for women. Don’t get me wrong a woman has the right to choose what to do with her body, but I think that choice to dissect a child needs to be limited.

Third, what needs to be done with the Supreme Court? I believe it needs a Ying and Yang. I think there should be four liberals and five conservatives. This will always lead to healthy debate. I think when you have all justices with the same perspective, groupthink will occur. You need balance.

Fourth, what about taxes? We need tax forms that can be filled out on a stamp. I know that is an exaggeration, but it symbolizes the need to simplify. I think the wealthy need to pay more taxes, but business needs to pay less. I think the tax system should support a strong social system that includes healthcare for the poor. I also think we need to have a tax system that gives strong support to education. However, I believe the we should have a voucher system that will allow parents of inner city children to choose for their children to go to Charter Schools if those provide better opportunities.

And Last, what about Social Security? I don’t think Social Security should be privatized. However, I think the more people make during their earning years, the more they should pay to support the system. I also think raising the retirement age to 68 will help defer some of the expense.

So my agenda, should Trump ever want to read it is pragmatic, and has enough in it to anger everyone. Remember, it is about relationships, and we should care about our neighbors and the unborn.

And that is my thought for the day!


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