DACA Should Not Be A Political Pawn

Yesterday our Congress began its public attempt to impeach President Trump. While the Democrats continue to obsess about Trump, issues that need to be dealt with are ignored. This is not the leadership our country needs. Is it any wonder that Congress is the least trusted profession in America?

In February 5 of this year, a poll was taken on what constitutes the most trusted and least trusted professions in America. I wasn’t too surprised to see who was on the bottom of the list. The third least trusted profession was car salespeople. 44% of the people polled said the stereotype of the sleezy car salesman is alive and well. The second most hated profession is telemarketers. 56% of Americans distrust these people because of their ruthless actions to keep you on the line.

But, the least trusted group of people are members of Congress. 58% of Americans distrust these so-called servants of the people. I think the fact that DACA was needed in the first place demonstrates why we don’t trust our politicians.

I am sure you have read that the Supreme Court is hearing arguments concerning DACA. It should have never gotten to this point. In the past the need to deal with illegal immigration has been attempted and failed. For one reason, or another, Congress has not been able to find a solution that would include strong border security, and a compassionate process to help those who are asking for asylum. However, the issue involving the estimated 10.5 to 12 million undocumented people that are here is the US continues to move to the front of the line. Of those there are approximately 660,000 young people that are currently covered by DACA. These young people were brought to the United States as children, and only remember their life here in the US. They do not remember living in Mexico.

I understand this is a complicated issue, but if we had true leadership in Congress, instead of power politics and cancel cultures, maybe we could solve this problem. Instead, we waste time trying to get rid of a President that some in Congress do not like.

President Obama “announced the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program, or DACA, in June of 2012.” The only reason he did this was to provide humane protection for the young people who have never known a life outside of the US. It was never meant to be permanent but assumed that Congress would do its job. What a mistake. Now the Supreme Court is being asked to rule on whether the program can be cancelled.

The Democrats are blaming Trump, and the Republicans are blaming the Democrats. However, this is not a new problem, and blaming Trump is nothing more than passing the buck. Eventually the buck needs to stop somewhere. And maybe, just maybe, the Supreme Court can kick start the process for comprehensive immigration reform.

The Dreamers, which is what those covered by the DACA agreement are called, have a high level of support from people around the United States. Educational, religious, business and labor groups all support these young people. I have worked with DACA students at the University I teach at. They are hard-working wonderful young people who worry if they will be sent back to place that is not home to them.

The Democrats blame Trump because he is taking a hard stance on the subject. The WSJ reports that “The Trump administration hopes that blocking DACA recipients from working legally and exposing them to deportation could encourage Congress to compromise with the President on immigration issues while deterring the unlawful migration of additional children from Latin America.” Some people would agree with this tactic, while others think it is horrible. But the fact is, the longer Congress doesn’t find a solution the more someone else will have to deal with the issue and its problems. Also, this places more stress on the shoulders of these young people.

According to the WSJ “the average age of current DACA participants is 26. Roughly 80% come from Mexico… with a sizable portion coming from Central America. . . Over 90% of DACA recipients are employed and 45% are in school.” These young people are worried that when DACA ends they will be deported to Mexico, and after what happened recently (the several incidents of violence) I would not want to go there either.

I know this is a difficult issue. Most Americans want strong borders. Most Americans want to be compassionate concerning those who are from dangerous countries and are seeking asylum. Most Americans don’t want families separated. And most Americans care about the Dreamers. Now is the time to reform our immigration system. We are a country of laws, but we are a country that cares. So Congress, stop with the insanity and get back to work. We need immigration reform. Democrats see a psychologist for your Trump Derangement Syndrome. You need help, and yes you lost the 2016 election. Get over it. And Republicans make the first move. Be the bigger people in this. Somebody has to compromise.

After my round of golf today, I and the other baggers were sitting in the locker room. Conversation came up about the Impeachment inquiry. These men sitting in the room are all over the political spectrum, and every one of us said we are sick of the proceedings and distrust both sides of Congress. The quote was, “they are all liars.” So Congress, the only way to improve your image is to do your job. Start working together to solve the many issues we are facing. Including the immigration one.

And that is my thought for the day!

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