Love Him Or Hate Him, Trump Is Doing His Job

This blog post has changed a bit since President Trump tweet about the previous Ukraine Ambassador. I think that was really stupid and illustrates what the biggest issue is that some of us has with him. He is constantly shooting himself in the foot, but I can only assume that he is that way in his personal and business life. However, my dislike for his tweeting habits does not negate the fact that he was hired to do a job. 63 million people voted for him to do a particular job. They see that job as something similar to what Jack Welch did at General Electric.

Welch saw the need for a large-scale culture change in how the company was ran. GE had become a large tanker that was incapable of changing with the times. The company that Reggie built had many layers of unnecessary management which was causing it to be inefficient and slow to respond to the changing environment. Many people see the federal government as unresponsive to the people. They see it as inefficient with large layers of unnecessary administrators. The people that voted for Trump want him to reduce the administrative state, as a result the people who are a part of the comfortable life associated with the administrative state feel threatened. They have turned to Adam Schiff and the Democratic party to be their savior.

Kimberly Strassel’s WSJ editorial this morning was an interesting read. Keep in mind this was written before Trump’s tweet today. However, she did an amazing job describing how Democrats are using words such as extortion, bribery, and abuse of power to convince people that Trump should be impeached. Now, after the tweet today, they are using the word witness intimidation. The former Ukrainian Ambassador was quoted today as feeling threatened. A word that has strong meaning in the work place.

Strassel starts her editorial with the comment, “Democrats have already lost their impeachment battle.” She like many people are tired of the constant baseless accusations over the last three years describing President Trump as “a Russian mole to obstructing justice, from profiting off the presidency to abusing security clearances and cheating on his taxes.”

One television commentator said today that we are witnessing a 2020 campaign for the Democrats as well as the Republicans. I think this person is on to something. Trump is tweeting, getting his base riled up. Democrats are motivating their base, while trying to introduce doubt into the minds of people who are on the fence. However, when I look at Trump, I see someone who loves the attention. In fact, there is an old saying “never wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.” This is our political state as Democrats wrestle with Trump in the mud. I wonder if they will ever get that he likes it.

Trump believes he has a mandate from the people who elected him. He is doing exactly what he thinks people want him to do. He is a change agent, much like Jack Welsh, Neutron Jack, did at GE. On May 5th, 1985 The New York Times wrote about why Jack Welch is changing G.E. In this article they state, “the General Electric Company is going through turbulent times, change has come fast, leaving shrunken staffs and shuttered plants in its wake.” I think this could describe our administrative state.

The Times article describes G.E. as a “108 -year-old corporate polyglot of light bulbs, robots. Locomotives and other products. The company has long been considered by management professors and consultants to be a model of modern management techniques.” This too is the world of Donald Trump. He has been a businessman for decades and has learned many of the same things that Welch has. It seems to me that just like Jack Welch “dismantling the house that his predecessor, Reginald Jones, built,” Trump is dismantling the administrate state that has become a huge entity wasting trillions of dollars.

During his years of leading G.E. Jack Welch reduced layers of management, closed unproductive facilities, sold off businesses that were not either one or two in its market; changing G.E. into a nimble business able to respond quickly to changing events. The Times described this process as something Welch felt would take time. “To hear him tell it, he will need every one of those years to turn G.E. into the streamlined, entrepreneurial organization that he feels it must be to keep growing.” Welch had a nickname, Neutron Jack. He was quite brutal as he made the needed changes. Later in his life he would say that he regretted the hard driving stance he took, and he definitely did not like his nickname.

Welch was driven and confrontative, and his predecessor, Reginald Jones was described as polished, disciplined, and eminently formal. . .” rising through “G.E.’s accounting and finance departments.” Jack Welch was not that, he was opinionated, a workaholic, and confrontative. He was a reader, not like our current President, but his management style seems to be similar to Trump’s.

Whether you like Trump or not, he is a driven businessman who sees a goal and is going after it. He doesn’t care if the whole world is against him, he is going to do what he thinks is right for his business. Right now, he sees the United States as his business. Just like the culture at G.E. the culture of the Administrative state is fighting back against the change agent in the White House. The Democrats, the news media, and Hollywood have teamed up to create a narrative that says anyone who supports Trump is a deplorable. They are making a mistake. The current strategy used by the resistance is not going to work. The President will not be impeached.

There are a lot of us who are tired of all the theatrics but are watching. We see the players, and we may not be saying much, but we will be voting. I know one thing is certain, the election next year will not be close. It will be a landslide. Which side? We will see.

And that is my thought for the day!

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